Be gentle with me it’s my first time…

Apr 08, 2020

Hi. Thanks for finding your way to my blog, please stay even if it was just an accident. Here's where my thoughts will appear as words on a page, which could result in either a short blog or the threat of arrest! Will try and limit it to stuff relating to my radio shows and website but who knows, I may decide to spout forth on politics or the economy, but it's way more likely I'll wonder out loud why you don't see white dog poos any more. (Not strictly true - I did see some the other day during my government stipulated exercise period which is what made me wonder it in the first place.) Don't be fooled by this grown up-looking format, I am a child.

The Webmaster says you can contribute too by way of comments so please do - that's kind of the point of all this really.

When the world went and caught the plague it meant that sadly the Fantasy Radio studio doors had to close, which for me and many of my radio pals means no live broadcasting currently. Don't get me wrong, I realise worse stuff than this is going on and that a lot of people are very down in the dumps right now. (Note to self, add "down in the dumps" to Dying Dictionary)

For this reason I magnanimously decided the next best thing I could do would be to pre-record Cheese & Biscuits and The Bi-Weekendly Saturday Breakfast Show at home in a bid to bring some light in to all of your lives. It's great to be able to do this but it means there can be no immediate interaction from all you crazy guys during the shows and I miss this badly. I know this sounds patronising but your contributions are fundamental to the show. I won't go as far to say I couldn't do it without you. I could, but it would be shit.

Enter! (Timothy!) For years it's been my ambition to have my very own website like all the other boys and girls. In fact I established a page some time ago but it just sat there as a sort of place holder with a message saying "Coming Soon". This was a lie, it took four years.

The drive to finally have my own little piece of the internet came in a perfect storm of coronavirus and the promise of technological aid from The Webmaster. Fast-forward to now (actually, sorry to brag but my Sanyo personal stereo had a rewind button which meant you didn't have to take the tape out, turn it over and fast-forward it in order to rewind it) and we have a place to interact with the radio shows while we're not live, and when we do return to the hallowed Corn Exchange studio we can still follow up the shows via (It also had a 3 band graphic EQ).

So please consider yourselves warmly invited to suggest and request from the thoroughly sanitised sanctuary of the blog comments area or email me directly at [email protected]

Meantime, listen out for me Monday night at Fantasy Radio 97FM  and at 7-9pm and every Saturday morning  8-10am (for a hopefully limited period until Darren returns to the studio for our Bi-weekendly routine)

Next blog coming soon (or any time in the next four years)

Keep safe, see you when you're older.


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