only on Monday nights
at fantasy radio will
you be able to play
devizes’s premiere
biscuit-themed guessing
what’s my biscuit!
From the clues provided,
g u e s s w h i c h b i s c u i t
we’re merrily munching
in the studio - first
righ t answerer sets
next week’s what’s my
(no, that really is it)
Wakefield’s Department Store
one of my favourite things to do is reflect on all the
things we used to eat, play with, make, drive, ride, watch,
read, listen to etc. on Monday nights we reminisce with misty
eyes about all this magical stuff as we wander the many
levels of my virtual shop. sometimes ‘wakefield’s’ is closed
in order to re-stock ‘look in’ and ‘lilt’, in which case I might
suggest a theme for the evening such as school p.e. circa
1984! a lively discussion usually ensues - please join in!
beat Pete!
my mate Pete winterton (pictured here eating a
massive cake with me in the studio) is a very
knowledgeable guy. can you get more
retro-related questions right than he
does? if you beat pete we place him in the
stocks and throw wet sponges at him in
the style of a 1980’s school fete!*
* pete is not aware of this yet
hi, welcome to the page to accompany my Monday night radio show
“cheese & biscuits” presented by me - biscuit Tim - which you can listen to at 97fm in
devizes and everywhere else at
I’m typing this out in ‘synchro let’ font as it’s the closest thing i can find to anything retro
which is what my show is very much about!
On Monday nights we:
play ‘what’s my biscuit?’
play ‘beat Pete’
sometimes forget to give out the answers to ‘what’s my biscuit’ and ‘beat Pete’
TAKE an indulgent stroll down memory lane discussing weighty topics such as: Morris
marinas, clarkes commandos, chocolate tools and the ancient art of
pipe smoking.
Monday Nights
tune in at fantasy radio 97 fm or